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Botto Design is the maker of the popular container Botto®.

We started Botto in 2016 for people like us - those who think there is always something better than what we've got. Today, we are proud to remain independent while providing first-class service to our customers. Our design philosophy is to create products that solve everyday problems in smart and simple ways.

It all started with a bottle.

Nobody is sure how container was invented. But if we could travel back in time and watch the first homo sapiens cupped her hands to catch the raindrop from the heavens, we were likely to be witnessing one of the most significant moments in the saga of humankind.

People soon found out they could use gourds to store water and food. Before long they started making waterskins, and later bottles, to store beer, shells, beads and a variety of belongings. No matter what material is used or what shape is taken, a bottle serves an exceptionally important purpose for us: it stores something we love, something we can enjoy at a later time, and something we want to share with others. A bottle preserves the best of what we have got, for days and years and generations to come.

Botto Design

“Life is a little like a message in a bottle, to be carried by the winds and the tides.”

We consider a bottle as more than a physical object, but also a natural idea in a broader sense. It is both romantic and suspenseful to see what life will throw at us; and knowing that there is always a guardian and shield that will protect us from the ruthless waves and furious storms, we are then empowered to face any challenges with courage and faith, and to fearlessly defeat whatever obstacle is between us and our goal.

Botto Design

Inspired by the soul of the bottles, a band of four people converged and created Botto Design in 2016 with one single cause - a cause we were all emotionally involved in. No doubt there are many pressing problems that need our attention, so we let our talents shine and work on tackling the issues that most affect our everyday well-being. The belief in harnessing the power of industrial design to make this world a better place is rooted in our values. The notion of giving our best in all we do is firmly established in our ethos. Meaningful change to the status quo, as we believe, is both required and possible.

Eyes to the future.

The next time we take a cookie out of a jar, or quench our thirst with a bottle of soda, let us remember that we are following in the footsteps of the container users throughout thousands of years. Not only are we now living in the best times in the history of the world, we are also honoring the creation and fulfilling the legacy of human civilization. Our forerunners should be delighted if they had a chance to see how far we have come today, but hardly are we ever being complacent. The genie of innovation knows no limits, and he is destined to relentlessly push the boundaries farther until the end of time. To us, no problem is too small to solve, and no challenge is too big to overcome. At Botto Design, we dream big, yet our products will continue to be smart and simple.


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