Intellectual Property



Botto Design takes pride in its products. We received multiple patents on our products, and we constantly police and protect our intellectual property. Whenever copycats emerge, we take action to protect our intellectual property and our brand. When necessary, we file lawsuits. Our lawyers in different jurisdictions are relentlessly focused on going after the infringers in pursuit of justice for Botto Design.

We have seized or destroyed over 65,000 products that infringed our patents from 126 manufacturers, distributors and retailers in aggregate both online and offline. Our continued successes efficiently stop the manufacture and sale of knockoff products.

We have a zero-tolerance policy against piracy, counterfeiting, design theft, and intellectual property infringement.

Ignorance of law excuses no one (Ignorantia legis neminem excusat). Unintentional infringement and accidental infringement are still infringement. Offenders are not exempted from liabilities.

Botto Design’s intellectual property includes, but is not limited to, the trademark Botto, product designs, product names, product packaging, website designs, graphic symbols, logos, icons, images, video footage, advertisements, catalogs, product descriptions, social media artwork, user instructions, and other relevant materials.

Unauthorized use of Botto Design’s intellectual property for commercial purposes without our written permission may constitute intellectual property infringement and result in civil and criminal penalties. An offender is subject to imprisonment.



Botto Design以其产品为荣。我们的产品获得了多项专利,我们亦不断监控和保护我们的知识产权。每当侵犯知识产权者出现,我们必定会采取行动保护我们的知识产权及品牌。必要时候,我们更会诉诸法律。我们在不同国家和司法管辖区的律师不会放过任何一个侵权者,以求彰显正义。




Botto Design的知识产权包括但不限于商标Botto,产品设计,产品名称,产品包装,网站设计,图形符号,徽标,图标,图像,视频片段,广告,目录,产品描述,社交媒体作品,使用说明书,及其他相关材料。

未经授权且未经我们书面许可在商业活动上使用Botto Design的知识产权可能已构成侵犯知识产权的行为并会导致民事及刑事处罚。侵权者可遭监禁。*按《中华人民共和国刑法》第三章第七节“侵犯知识产权罪”,或「中華民國專利法」,或其他国家之相关法例,根据犯罪地而定。